Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How To Theologize

Hahaha this is my assignment in Theology. I am super afraid to attend Sir Willard's class because 10 of us, including me were absent last meeting which was equivalent to 2 hours. I hope he won't be mad.

So, how to theologize? I don't have the exact definition of theologize but I believe, it is somehow like this.

Twenty-fourth of July this year, exactly a month after my birthday, was very noteworthy. Of course, it’s my Mommy Nene’s birthday – my mom’s mom... and unfortunately, later that day, my Lolo Emong – dad’s uncle, just passed away. Certainly, we were sad.

I just decided to go online, chat with my “fiancé” abroad, and practice playing my bass guitar. But luck just drove back from me that day. Seven months and four days, plus few more years of bonding were trashed. Almost three months of solitude & online love was muddled up with another batch of sadness. My “fiancé”, who’s now in the USA, just broke up with me that night. I was so shocked because he even told me “I love you” the previous hours.

He broke up with me because he doesn’t want me anymore. We’re in a long distance relationship for three months then and he’s not used to it. He said that first of all; he doesn’t like boyish girls [Then, why court me?]. His reasons are extremely invalid in our case. His reasons are too bare. He just didn’t treasure our moments together. He didn’t even think of what will I feel. He didn’t think of how good my relationships with his parents and relatives, and vice versa. He just thinks of Cabal, he’s busy in his blog. In three months of stay there in his new home, I know it’ll be new to him so he will be exploring something new, but he can adapt in time. However, like what I’ve shared, he evolved quickly from a tangent-to-perfect guy into an immature regressing kid.

This is the main point of my theologizing: I remember after knowing that he must stay there not only for vacation, he confessed that he’s an atheist. I was so shocked to know that. I don’t want my children to have a father who doesn’t believe that there’s God. Although I am not super religious, although I am also a man of science, I still believe there’s God.

I always wanted a wonderful church wedding because it is a sacrament and it must be done in churches. I want my kids to be baptized... but how can I do that if he’s an atheist? That time, I am certainly obliged to be breaking up with him for what he just said was evil. But I love him so much that I gave him chance and I accept his belief.

So now that we’re off, I realized that God just gave me a test. God made me stronger and smarter from that experience. My ex is not someone to cry for. With that atheism, he must be dumped. I shall move on and enjoy life to be happy. I know there are lots of guys out there who are more deserving than a regressing atheist, those who will truly love me and at the same time those who believe there’s God.

To see is to believe. However, sometimes, we must believe despite the fact that we cannot see. That’s why there’s such word as abstract, like faith and trust.


XiR.. said...

just wonderful.

lacarotica said...


nde nagalit si sir willard!

mejo inulit pa nga nya ung lesson para samin e.,

ohh., wunderbar? hehe tnx., gnyan tlg pag u know.,

XiR.. said...

wahaha..buti naman di ngalit..

fave q ung "he evolved quickly from a tangent-to-perfect guy into an immature regressing kid."..

talgang tangent to perfect na eh noh..tsk tsk..XD

lacarotica said...

aw fck uu nga., amp.,

u know, everything seems to be perfect.,

lapit na sana ng haus., same school ng HS at college.,



amp tlg., bobo kase eh.,

Anonymous said...

"I know there are lots of guys out there who are more deserving than a regressing atheist, those who will truly love me and at the same time those who believe there’s God."

what a retarded thing to say. go study science and history theotard. if you cannot think for yourself no wonder you believe in a god.

christianity is a deceptive religion. it preaches love and compassion but all it really teaches is intolerance and exclusion.

what exactly has your imaginary god told you that you couldn't have possibly known?

give me a moral action that a faithful person can do, that a godless person couldnt?

give me an immoral
action that a religious person does, that a godless person would never do? i bet you've already thought of one.

this god of yours is all in your head. whatever it is that you think you hear, feel, or see, does not prove that there is a god, it only proves the existence of your own brain. if you think god talks to you then you should go to a neurologist. god is a mental delusion humans have created because of fear, ignorance, and the failure to think for ones self. that holy book of yours,should be call HOLEY cz thats what its filled with... a bunch of holes. it is a sick and perverted book. go read ezekiel theotard. why the hell would you want to worship a god that tells you to eat shit. i bet youve hardly even read your bible. let alone study it. cz if you have, youd know its all bullshit and lies.

ask yourself, what if the devil used jesus to lead you all to hell? now you'll never know that will you? forget jesus. judas went to hell for you.

how can you say that there is a god, when millions of innocent children die each day? if you cannot even shed a tear or question your faith, then it shows how heartless,inhuman, and brainwashed you've become. you have no decency. be thankful your god is imaginary because he'd be ashamed of you if he were real.

to believe in christianity we would have to believe that god, sacrificed his son for us, to himself. it makes no sense at all, and it is utterly immoral. no father would ever let his son die. and to believe that he did is such a retarded thing to do. please, youre better than that.

stop your faith. you've all been lied to. you dont even know who the story of jesus is really based on. its too bad stupidity isnt painful. educate yourself and free your mind. find the truth.

that is how you theologize, theotard. stop discriminating atheists.