Thursday, 27 November 2008

I Not Stupid Too!

Okay, okay, grammar? Nagtaka din ako eh. Pero oks lang yan. Worth it. Hahaha. So lame. Cool man. Whatever!

Well, this afternoon on our Theology class kasi ni sir Willard, we just watched this movie "I Not Stupid Too". It's nice huh. We got lots of lessons though it's only subtitled ng english. Mandarin yung salita kasi eh, Singaporean movie kasi yan. Oh by the way, we were not able to watch it completely because medyo finorward ni sir. How sad.

So, this movie is keenly centred on the theme of increasingly difficult parents-children relationships nowadays, due to lack of communication *parang ano lang ah. ehem, ex! nagkulang ba ako? o gago ka lang talaga?*. More than often, parents think that they understand their children based on I-gave-you-birth-so-i-know-you. Really? A child is most vulnerable at teen years, the most crucial period. A single wrong move of parents can result to a lifetime regret.

I Not Stupid Too, insightful and entertaining.

Uhm, casts? Here, pero yung iba wag na ha:

Jack Neo [Tom and Jerry's father]
Xiang Yun [Tom & Jerry's mother]
Huang Yi Liang [Chengcai's father]
Ashley Leong [Jerry]
Joshua Ang [Chengcai]
Shawn Lee [Tom]

Hahaha yung director and writer, yung tatay din pala nila Tom & Jerry. Nice. Jerry, yung bata, hehe, nakakatuwa siya. Good actor at that age. Chengcai is cute. And..... Tom! Soooooooooo cute! Woooooh! I'm so crazy over him na! Here oh:Ay! Nahanap ko na din pala yung account niya sa Moblog. Hahaha! His other blog yung napakita sa film. Hehe but it's not available na eh. Ay! Ninja Turtles bag was also seen there. Lurve it!
Plot summary? Hmm... Ok. Here, pero copy paste ko na lang sa Wikipedia kasi I'm so naaantok na talaga now:

The plot revolves around the lives of Tom Yeo (Shawn Lee), his younger brother Jerry (Ashley Leong) and their friend Lim Chengcai (Joshua Ang). 15-year-old Tom is technologically inclined and a talented blogger *(^______^) ehem! we can be friends!*, while 8-year-old Jerry enjoys the performing arts and has the lead role in his school concert. Their parents' (Jack Neo and Xiang Yun) busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship. His mother absent, Chengcai was raised by his ex-convict father (Huang Yiliang), whose fighting skills he inherited.

During a school check for mobile phones, Tom is caught with a pornographic VCD. As his teacher confiscates it, Chengcai makes a cheeky remark that provokes the teacher into slapping him, leading to an exchange that escalates into a massive scuffle. The principal decides to expel Chengcai and sentence Tom to public caning for their parts in the scuffle. Tom and Chengcai join a local street gang; as their initiation, they are made to shoplift an iPod. However, they are caught by two conmen posing as police officers, who demand that they pay $2000 within two days or be arrested.

While tutoring his sons, Mr. Yeo tells them that people will pay $500 for an hour of his time. Jerry, who wants his parents to come to his school concert, starts saving money and eventually resorts to stealing. After he is caught, his furious father canes him, but calms down when the boy explains that he wanted $500 to "buy" an hour of his father's time. This prompts Mr. and Mrs. Yeo to read Tom's blog and realise how unappreciated and alienated their children feel.

Unable to raise $2000 themselves, Tom and Chengcai rob an old lady of her necklace, but regret their action and return it to her. In the ensuing struggle, Chengcai bumps into several gangsters, while Tom's mobile phone falls out of his pocket. The phone hits the ground, accidentally calling Mr. Yeo, who is doing a presentation about 3G phones for a contract worth $3 million. He rushes off to the scene and pleads the old lady to give Tom a second chance. When the police arrive, she tells them she made a prank call. Two days later, Mr. Yeo meets the conmen and gives them thousands of dollars of hell money; the conmen are then arrested by real police officers who have been waiting in ambush close by. Having finally understood their children, the Yeo parents watch Jerry's concert, much to his delight.

The gangsters whom Chengcai bump into beat him up. Mr. Lim, who happens to be nearby, tries to protect his son, but is badly beaten. Severely injured, he is taken to the hospital in critical condition. On his deathbead, Mr. Lim tells Chengcai that he loves him and that he should pursue his talent for fighting. Witnessing this scene, the principal is touched and allows Chengcai to return to school and the boy eventually becomes an internationally renowned martial artist.

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