Saturday, 8 November 2008

Maritess Vs. Superfriends [a must watch for everyone]

"My Bisa jas ran out 2 mants agow. My Bisa expired, I'm illegal here. I'm illegal alien. But Superman, he's prom Krypton, he's alien! He's here! He can't stay here. I can stay here, I'm prom Ert. But he can't stay here. It's nat peyr. it's not rayt. Bikos he's white, dat's why."

- This is just a sneak peek of funny lines from the clip. :) Watch out! A lot more pa sa video.

Maritess Vs. Superfriends! Again, si Rex Navarette nag-dub. Haha. Watch it
. The animation too is cool. :)

Domo arigato kay Darkamote para dito...uli. :)

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