Saturday, 10 January 2009

Caution: HOT - Hideo Muraoka

Familiar? I betcha saw this na when malling. ;)

Name: Hideo Muraoka
Height: 6'2"
Birthplace: Sao Paolo
Ethnicity: Japanese-Brazilian
Vital Stats: 39-30-38
Shoes: 12
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Model

I finally found you! Shiiiz. Whenever I'm in the Mall, napapahinto talaga ako kapag nakikita ko 'tong poster ng folded & hung. Grabe, lagi ko sinasabi, "SHET! Ang gwapo. Takte. Ang HOT." Ayun. I dunno, pero the first time I saw this, it made me reminiscent of my cockroach eh. I dunno. Maybe the eyes and the hati ng hair. Ganun ata kasi hati niya nung last days na na we're together. HAAAAAAAY. Pero I don't care na about my EX. Burn in hell! Yuck. Sobrang perfect naman nito compared sayo noh. DUH.

Grabe, hybrids are so hot right now. The hunk here is a Brazilian-Japanese hybrid. Makapaghanap nga! Hahahaha. Then kahapon, while in the salon, upon browsing the magazine, nakita ko pa siya. Hahaha! Napapa-smile tuloy ako. Hihihihi.

More pictures to drool on:



XiR.. said...

LOL ang gwapo nga. wahaha..naalala mo c ipis? XDDD

lacarotica said...

oo. ampness.

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