Sunday, 25 January 2009

Coffee Alamid Is From Alamids' Shit

Hohoho. Oh yeah. Tae ng Alamid.

Last sembreak, we went to Market! Market! and there we saw a stall selling Alamid Coffee. It's super new to us kasi wala naman nito sa Malabon, DUH?

We knew then that it's the tae talaga of Civet / Alamid.

We didn't buy muna that time. You know, 1000php ata yung whole then 600php yung 50 g na binili namin last week. When we got home, I opened the jar and smelled it. I was a bit hesitant kasi alam kong tae yun eh. Pero mabango naman...pero kahit na. Tae talaga.

Whole coffee beans talaga so we looked pa for coffee grinder kagabi. Ayun. I grinded na them kanina. Yiheee. Excited na ko matikman. Mamaya na lang. HAHAHA.

This is from

Coffee Alamid is Philippine Civet Coffee from wild civet droppings on the different forest floors of Philippine mountains. The Paradoxorus Philippinensis is a civet which belongs to the mongoose family - a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and relentlessly eats them during coffee season. Gathered very early in the morning usually before the sun rises, the forest dwellers climb the mountain and pick the civet droppings on the forest floors. On a good day, a gatherer can collect one kilo of civet droppings .

Coffee Alamid is a blend of the Philippine's finest Arabica, Liberica and Exelsa beans. When roasted, it exudes an almost musical, fruity aroma. It has a strong, sweet , dark chocolatey taste that is perfect for that morning kick or high power meetings. Definitely a clean cup.

Coffee Alamid

  • supports the protection of the civets
  • preserves the civets' habitat & the environment
  • provides livelihood for the forest dwellers
Photos from the net (I forgot to copy the image locations.):

Photos from yours truly:

Before grinding...

Coffee Beans!


Eww. Haha. Grinded na.




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:D smells sooo good, right?

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anu lasa??

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di ko pa natry kagabi.