Saturday, 3 January 2009



The AID-sional Care Institute is the most modern special hospital in Ermita, Manila. It is exclusive for patients suffering from AIDS.

It was founded on 24 July 2008 by a corporation named Group Five (^_____^). Group Five consists of six members: Farnesyl Idago, Jane Infante, Karla Justo, Kabz Kababalahgan, Noel King, and Mae Lao.

A month after their graduation day, Mr. Kabz Kababalaghan was petitioned and started living in the USA. Because of the influences of some liberated friends and relatives, Mr. Kababalaghan started to adapt on his new world and started to live the “life”.

Few months after, Group Five received a mail saying that their friend Mr. Kababalaghan died because of AIDS. They were on a state of shock and later on decided to build a special hospital for patients suffering from AIDS to honour their friend's death.

Hahaha. Assignment namin sa Hospital Pharmacy 'to. Share ko lang. Wohow!


XiR.. said...

kabz kababalaghan??

lacarotica said...

hahaha dapat nga Mr. Kaban Kampupot eh. kso bka matawa ako sa reporting.

XiR.. said...

haha..onga wahaha..kampupot amp..=]]

lacarotica said...

d ako nkaOL last 2 days amp.

c jessmond tga kampupot, right? hahaha.