Saturday, 9 May 2009


I just stumbled on and got discriminated. I was browsing their partner sites eh. I read there: "Asian people, so silly. When signs get lost in translation, they’re even roar funnier." - Oohhhhh. What the hell?! We aren't silly. Modesty aside, I'm a living proof.

Well, lemme do this straight to the point. Some time last year, I knew sites with "engrish" as a part of their uniform resource locations. To be honest, I find it a li'l bit funny but still, I respect their way of speaking in English. Of course, their sentence patterns varies. Got that?

Personally, I know how to translate some of Chinese and Japanese sentences/phrases to English. But I think/observe that some of the aforementioned Asians do it word by word. Of course, it would sound funny. But WTH, think of this: word by word translation of English to Japanese/Chinese...Hahahaha. Sounds funny too! I tried it before, it was eeewwww. At least, Asians can speak English. I bet those makers of the "engrish" sites don't even know at least a character.

Sad to say, I found blogs which also feature those engrish stuff...and they are Pinoys. One of them is a fat devil. Hahaha. You know who you are. Die. [I dunno if I also posted some. But I assure you, I never call Asians silly.]

So now, for the makers of the sites which discriminate Asians, a bunch of ROT IN HELL to all.

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