Monday, 21 July 2014


Posted 13 Nov 04

Before Halloween, I saw a contest in Tony Moly Philippines Facebook Page entitled "Angel vs. Devil Halloween Contest" (check it here). Well, I don't usually join makeup contest because I'm not a pro there but it's just that I bought Rouge Deluxe - Bite Melipstick from Snoe Beauty a day before I saw the contest.  

I left office immediately so that I can take pictures when I got home and submit them to the page (because I only have few days and other contestants already submitted their entries few days ago). But to my surprise, my way home was congested because of the heavy rain. I drove like 3.5 hours. I finally got home and started to retouch. Got my voodoo, and.... here it is. The Naught Devil!..that looks like witch.

I think one reason why I've won is because of that lips. Hohoho. I'm so loving it! Better try that lipstick, but do not wear makeup for eyes, etc. Hmm. A thin liner could do. And wear clothes like plain black or white only. You'll have the perfect look for black lips. I bought mine at Landmark-Trinoma for 399 pesos. And whats-more? Snoe Beauty's packaging are so so so so so cute. Please check their website here. You'll fall in love.


Vintage lovers! Great news for you all. Papemelroti is currently having a Giveaway Contest entitled VINTAGE FINDS GIVEAWAY. I joined already and I'm hoping to win those 3 items I fell in love with.

Vintage Collage Book Cover, Vintage Travel Bracelet,Long Rose Pearl Pendant

The contest ends on July 23, 2014 so hurry up and join now.

I wanna be back!

When was my last post?? Oh my. I need to refresh my knowledge in HTML coding (oh wait, we have new programming languages na pala now).

I am so sorry I wasn't able to continue blogging due to busy life back when I was studying. Well, now, I am already a professional pharmacist with 3 years experience and...... A MOTHER OF A CUTE FAT GIRL!!! :)